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Do you have any ideas of your own? Or don’t you have any inspiration at all? Then don’t hesitate any longer.
We will discuss with you what service we can offer you and how we can best elaborate it.

We take care of everything from A to Z: registration of the domain name, correct placement of the DNS records, creation of the mailboxes …

Every entrepreneur who wants to appear professional, needs a professional website.

A professional website should contribute to your goals such as generating business, informing your customers/target audience, and increasing your sales.
We make your website with a design that appeals to your audience and makes sure visitors are triggered to action.

Creating an effective and professional website is something we have been doing for years. We create websites according to the latest trends, taking into account the values of your company.


entrepreneurs use WordPress Worldwide






Are you a starting entrepreneur and you do not have a website at all then the one-page website is a good solution for you. The one-page website is an informative complete website and is built on 1 page. The technical part is also well organized, so you can be easily found in search engines like Google. The layout and options of the website are completely customizable. To start with, this is certainly a solution. If you want a larger website later, we can expand your website for an additional fee.

rent a website or WEBshop


Especially for you as a starting entrepreneur, we have lowered our prices tremendously.  We also want to facilitate your start as an entrepreneur by asking low monthly payments for up to 12 months.

Website maintenance

With WordPress Maintenance your website is always up-to-date and secure.  We build websites with the WordPress CMS, and this CMS needs regular maintenance. WordPress maintenance consists of updating the WordPress CMS itself, the Plug-ins, the used Theme, and the security.
By regularly updating the website we ensure that a WordPress website remains secure and stable. We know what plugins do and with what priority they should be updated. If something goes wrong while updating, we will fix it for you.

Renew your website

Do you already have a website and want to renew it at an affordable price? We can help you with that. To renew your website we use the latest techniques and newest developments. This will make you completely up to date and you can even better serve your customers.